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7 Fun Summer Ideas For Kids

7 Fun Summer Ideas For Kids

By admin in Faith and religious, Uncategorized on August 13, 2016

It’s Summer time and the kids are excited about time away from school. As a parent, you now have more work on your hands but we’re here to provide you with creative and fun ways to make Summer 2018 a memorable one for your kids.
1. Travel far far away! Go camping
Camp in the country side, take them far away from civilization as they know it! Away from gadgets, TV etc. Take them to the zoo, or go fishing, catching grasshoppers, kiting, no phone reception (ok, we may have overstepped it ������) etc. Whatever you do, safety first!
2. Tech classes
So, it’s no surprise the biggest and most valuable companies in the world today are tech companies, from Apple all the way to Facebook and Elon Musk’s companies. However, their founders all started with basic knowledge in computer programming which Bill Gates claims everyone living in the 21st century should have a basic knowledge of. So, if your kids fancy this, now’s the perfect opportunity to turn them into tech nerds and who knows, the robot revolution might come faster than we envisaged… through your kids! (Buhahahaha *Horror laugh* ������)
3. Sports and outdoor games
Oh yes, our guess is most kids would love this. It’s summer and it’s the perfect season for outdoor games, swimming ������, tennis ������, football (soccer) ⚽ etc. If you can’t coach em yourself maybe you can ship em off to an academy. Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt all started as kids, this might be your kids’ time.
4. Join a book club
My favourite. Getting your kids to join a book club ������ where other kids also come around to read, draw, paint etc should be fun as heaven! You can promise to display your kid’s painting in your living room if they do really well. But first, have a solid plan to get them off their devices so they can concentrate (we foresee that could be one heck of a job).
5. Cooking and baking classes
If they’re cut for this then have them enrolled in for cooking/baking classes and bring their creations home after classes. Hopefully, they do well and love it too, it’d be nice to see your kids grind it out in the kitchen while you watch your favourite TV show sometimes.
6. Music and performing arts- Dance, Learn an instrument etc.
From music classes to operas to live theatres. You know the drill ������������������������. Fun, fun, impact!
7. Volunteer at your Church ⛪
There’s literally no better time than now to get your kids to join the choir, ushering, wedding ceremony or charity givings your church might organise over the summer. They’re gonna love it!
*Bonus: Make a scrapbook of all the activities they did… for memory’s sake!
Obviously, they don’t have to do all these activities this summer but really you should give at least one of them a try, you’d be building a beautiful life for your kids, creating wonderful memories and fun-learning at the same time. Deal of the millennium!
Written by Pastor Lams for the Pastor Lams Blog ������.
All rights reserved.

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